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FAQ - Jump Up Media

What happens now?
Your sales representatives contact details were given to you at point of sale, its very important that you keep this information as they will be your dedicated point of contact for all your future needs. Shortly you will receive an email from the Accounts team and either an email or phone call from your Google Account Manager, welcoming you as a new client and confirming that your ads are now live on Google.co.uk with the phrases agreed. Please refrain from clicking on your own link as this will manipulate the figures showing on your report.

Under which keywords will my business be found?
At the point of sale your keywords/phrases were agreed with your sales representative, these will be emailed to you when your account goes live on Google. It is possible for you to add or change your keywords/phrases - remember, this is a FREE service from Jump Up Media. For more information on this please contact your account manager.

Will you ring me before my renewal date?
Due to the large volumes of clients renewing their services each month, we're sure you can appreciate logistically it's not possible to call every client, every month whilst maintaining an effective low cost marketing solution. We do however commit to ensuring your Google analytics are sent to you each month. These statistics will be sent to the email address confirmed with your sales representative when your account goes live. Receiving your analytics prior to your renewal date, allows you to make an informed decision on how best to proceed along with the best phrases.

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